Airflow | Unohab range Case Study

Engaging visual display with Airflow Unohab

The Project

Founded in 1955 by fan engineer Alexander Connor Wilson, Airflow is a leading brand in extractor fan, ventilation, and air control for domestic and residential properties around the world.

The Brief

To display their innovative addition to the established residential heat recovery range, Airflow turned to Merit Display for support.

The Unohab range of products provides a selection of mechanical ventilation solutions designed for renovation of new builds, the focal point of which is the economical Unohab single room heat recovery unit.

Airflow was keen to create a retail display unit that could effectively demonstrate to potential customers the size, scale, and mechanics of the Unohab unit, communicating the ease of installation, technical expertise, and high-quality mechanics that the company is famous for.

The retail solution also needed to stand alone on a countertop and deliver accurate information with highly visible and legible printed and visuals.

This challenge required an aligned vision with the client along with imaginative design, strategic expertise, and cutting-edge technical manufacturing; 3 areas Merit Display are known to deliver.

The Solution

After a collaboration with the team at Airflow to determine the key outcomes required for the retail display, and after reviewing previous displays from Airflow, an initial design brief was agreed upon and production began on a sample product display utilising our exclusive, lightweight MerFlex display design material.

The innovative countertop display was inspired by the idea of demonstrating the Unohab unit in action, allowing the customer to engage with the product as they would when fully installed within their building.

A sturdy, full backed display with vivid colour printed Airflow imagery on the back and bottom of the display is flanked by a bracketing system that has been specially designed to house a Perspex tube, in which a complete Unohab unit can be installed. Combined with a fully encased control unit and integrated power, the final display unit accurately mimics the real-life installation while the see-through tubing allows the consumer to watch the Unohab product in action.

This rare opportunity to see a full Airflow unit within a unique Perspex liner gives a glimpse into the inner workings of the product, allowing the customer to engage with the product in a way they would never be able to elsewhere and demonstrating a technical confidence in the mechanics and functionality of the Unohab range.

Combining high resolution printing of technical imagery and exceptional definition on the accompanying text, the new Unohab display combines both visual demonstration of the product with technical information, so the customer feels confident in making a purchase.

More about MerFlex

This innovative, sustainable material offers the qualities of rigid and foamed PVC together. It combines the surface quality and characteristics of rigid PVC with a reduced weight due to a recycled foamed PVC core. It can be used in harsh chemical environments due to its high chemical resistance.

  • Flat, bright white surface for UV direct print application
  • Recycled lightweight core constitutes 80% of product weight
  • Scratch resistant surface even once printed with UV print
  • High structural strength with a relatively low overall weight
  • Stronger and more rigid than similar materials
  • Displays created by different fabrication and thermoform methods
  • Suitable for exterior applications
  • ‘Zero Waste’ with any waste/offcuts being recycled back into new material

The Result

Visually engaging and unique in its design, the Unohab display delivers an eye-catching exhibition that guarantees engagement with potential customers in store.

By integrating a working unit into the display, while maintaining a clean, legible design, we demonstrated our creative flair and technical know-how to ensure the project brief was achieved.

Now installed on countertops of a selection of Airflow’s key retailers, this pioneering retail display has had much acclaim from consumers and retailers alike.

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To achieve this for our clients we craft our solutions using a very simple, effective strategy to make your retail display successful.

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