Assa Abloy Case Study

“Opening the doors to a new market of customers”

The Project

Assa Abloy is a global leader in access solutions, offering a wide range of products and services related to security and safety. The company was founded in 1994 through the merger of Swedish lock manufacturer ASSA and Finnish lock manufacturer Abloy, and is headquartered in Stockholm,
Sweden, committing themselves to “creating access for a safer world”.

Assa Abloy’s products include mechanical and electronic locks, access control systems, doors and frames, and security doors. The company operates in more than 70 countries and has a strong presence in both mature and emerging markets with a reputation for high quality, durable and stylish solutions.

With a committed to innovation and sustainability, Assa Abloy have made significant investments in research and development to drive new solutions for its customers, dedicating themselves to reduce their environmental footprint and has set ambitious targets to reduce energy consumption and

The Brief

Assa Abloy approached Merit Display when looking at a retail display solution to go into over 450 of branches of Jewson- the UK’s leading chain of builders merchants. Facing a unique challenge when it came to displaying its range of door handles in a clear and concise manner, the brief was to create and install a display that would captivate the attention of passers-by while showcasing the company’s commitment to quality, style, and innovation.

The final instalation had to balance functionality with high visual appeal and tactile consumer experience, allowing the quality of the
product to take centre stage.

As a secondary consideration to the success of this project, each unit needed to fit seamlessly onto the front of a standard shelving unit in each branch, without any disruption to the existing layout.

The Solution

After a successful briefing period, Merit Display rose to the challenge with a simple yet effective handle display board that not only showcases the quality of the products but promotes an interactive tactile consumer experience that is essential with a product where high visual appeal is
important, but touch and feel are equally as important.

Each board is finished in matt black to provide impactful contrast against the chrome finishes of the door handles on display. With each board seamlessly displaying a range of 10 right hand, and 10 left hand handles in a position that prompts the consumer to interact with the display.

Once the final display was agreed by all parties, bespoke manufacturing began on the final units. The Merit Display team were tasked with fitting the agreed handles to the display boards at source before shipping each completed display to individual sites.

During the manufacturing process Merit Display was able to create 900 individual boards, each exhibiting 5 door handles, for a total of 4500 handles, ready to be shipped to sites. Co-ordinating with multiple 3rd party merchandising teams, each site received 2 boards which subsequently installed in 450 branches across the UK with minimal trading disruption.

Despite a short turnaround time for the project to be completed, over 900 display units were completed within the required timeframe, thanks to the exceptional coordination between Assa Abloy, Merit Display, Jewson, and the merchandising teams.

The Result

With the final retail displays crafted to physically stand out on the shelves and showcase a range of high-quality Assa Abloy door handles, we knew we had the design to open the doors to a whole new market of customers!

Alongside an attention-grabbing design, the key to success for this project lay in the attention to detail shown by the Merit Display team prior to shipping these products out to site. Fully constructing the display with the correct handles, labels, and pricing strip, before individually packaging and shipping these new displays to each Jewson branch, Merit Display made it easy for the branch team to quickly install the displays on their existing shelving spaces quickly and without any disruption to trading.

In conclusion, Assa Abloy’s handle display boards are a true testament to Merit Display’s ability to innovate and provide solutions that meet its customer’s  needs while delivering on quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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