Steps to Help Boost Your Retail Display Impact

Continental Tyres Retail Display by Merit Display


Your gains will be greater if you provide a memorable experience that showcases your product’s benefits

Retail displays offer the perfect opportunity to build brand awareness fast, giving your customers a hands-on experience with your product. Here’s how to do it right.

Devote your time to stand design and strategy…

Your retail display stand represents your brand. There is nothing more damaging than showcasing your product in a scruffy stand. So, it’s always worth investing in a stand constructed with materials suited to the retail environment.

What’s more, you need to ensure that your stand design aligns with your overall strategic vision.

Aim tall not wide – you’re likely to be restricted on floor space but can make an impact with the height of your display.

Be strategic with your space – don’t be tempted to stuff your display with products that customers can view online.

Remember, this is your opportunity to promote – done right, you won’t just sell more products but will drive long-term interest in your brand.

… and focus on the experience not just the sale

Many brands mistakenly attempt to use retail displays to cram in as many products as possible in the belief it will generate more immediate sales. However, your gains will be greater if you provide a memorable experience that showcases your product’s benefits. For example:

A high impact display leaves a lasting impression on your audience – so, if they don’t buy your product in-store, they’re likely to order online soon after.

Keep it simple – your display needs to make it easy to interact with your product, clearly explaining any steps the visitor needs to take.

Understand your target audience and how they communicate – and don’t ever baffle them with complicated content or the small print.

Leverage the latest technology…

Another incredibly effective way to achieve impact is by using technology. Not only will this enhance the user experience, but it can lead to further insight such as the best store positions for your display.

Give visitors the opportunity to interact with your product – if it can be drawn as a CAD model, then augmented or virtual reality is a fantastic option.

Focus on bringing your core benefits to life with visual graphics or digital content – we call it the three-second impact!

Track results and interactions with your display and product – for example, use sensor tracking to record clicks on custom web addresses.

…and don’t neglect other channels

You may have a well thought out stand delivering an interactive experience that’s truly memorable. But, for your brand to feel the benefits, people need to know about your retail display.

Engage in plenty of promotional activity – for example, create a buzz around launch time on social media.

A targeted email campaign will attract your ideal potential customers – you should also ensure your website has all the details.

Get the word out in local or industry press – and consider running a competition for visitors to the stand.

Ultimately, you need to have a vision for your brand and ensure that everything you do – from stand design to promotional activity – helps you make it a reality.