Elevating Joie Signature’s Encore Range

We take immense pride in sharing our recent collaboration with Allison Baby, a trusted partner with whom we’ve had the privilege of working with for many years. This partnership has brought to life another inspiring project that showcases our dedication to crafting stunning and functional displays.

Earlier this year, Allison Baby approached us with a clear vision for the display stands they needed for their Joie Signature Encore range – a premium line of products. The displays have gone into stores across the UK, in select Halfords stores and other independent retailers that the brand works with.

Their concept was already well-define and we worked closely with the Allison Baby team to fine-tuned it and make it a seamless fit for the Joie Signature Encore range. We were able to develop a prototype that met their exacting standards, and production commenced.

Key Challenges & Tailored Solutions

One of the key challenges was ensuring that the displays could be effortlessly set up by retailers. To address this, we developed a smart assembly process. At our warehouse, we assembled the four main components of the display, making it easy for the store staff to finish putting it together onsite. Along with the displays, we provided comprehensive assembly instructions to simplify the setup process for them.

We understood that not all retail environments would have the same requirements and that flexibility was essential in this display solution.

In the independent retail shops, we had freedom in the design and could incorporate the use of lighting. We were able to create captivating fabric graphics which are backlit by LED lights mounted within the structure. The illumination on the display offered strong visual impact with an added touch of sophistication and elegance.

For the Halfords stores, we provided displays that featured solid panel graphics. These displays could be used without lighting due to potential restraints on access to power on the shop floor. We were able to maintain the aesthetic integrity of the design while keeping the function of the display fit for these specific retail outlets.

Some of the displays also have an additional base/platform which sits next to the main display which offers the retailers additional room on the display to showcase more of the product line.

Branding that Speaks Volumes

Incorporating brand elements seamlessly into the display design was paramount. We used the circular motif that is part of the Joie Signature branding and integrated it thoughtfully. The metal studs on the base mirrored this branding, creating a cohesive look. The circles appeared again on one of the raised boxes and in the printed graphics, ensuring that the branding was consistent throughout.

The Joie Signature logo, printed in raised lettering on the front box, added a tactile and memorable element to the display.

While our primary focus was on delivering a display that showcased Joie Signature’s Encore range with elegance and impact, we also designed it with sustainability in mind.

The display is not limited to a single product range; it can easily be repurposed for other Joie Signature products with the simple replacement of fabric or PVC graphics. This versatility not only reduces costs but also minimises waste, contributing to a more sustainable retail environment.

In addition to its sustainability, the display is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting value for our client in busy retail environments.

Excellence & Innovation

The collaboration with Allison Baby to create display stands for the Joie Signature Encore range embodies our dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

We are proud to have crafted a display that not only elevates the brand but also offers a reusable solution that minimises environmental impact.

The project is set to be a great success for Allison Baby with the stands expertly showcasing their products.

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