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Merit 360

What is the Merit 360 approach?

The Merit 360° approach to exhibiting and display allows you to make maximum impact and gain the greatest return on your investment. From scoping out your project, to strategy, design and promotion, we ensure every aspect is expertly tailored to achieving your business objectives.

Do I have to use every element of Merit 360 or can I mix and match to suit my exhibition and retail display needs?
The Merit 360 approach isn’t a one-size fits all approach and we can tailor which elements are used to create the best results for you.

What benefits does the Merit 360 approach deliver?
Merit 360 provides you with a strategic approach to your exhibition and retail display activity. It also solves the problem of not being able to measure ROI. We don’t just do this for one event or project, but can look after your entire strategy. This also allows you to focus on your overall marketing strategy.

How do you maximise ROI?
We help you to maximise the ROI on your exhibition and retail display activity by adopting a strategic approach including targeting your customer personas and attracting high-quality prospects.

General Exhibition

Who will be in charge of the process during the exhibition stand design and build? How often will I hear from them?
Once the scope of your activity and strategy have been completed, you will be assigned a project manager. They will lead your project and keep you regularly informed of progress through to completion on-site and dismantling after the show.

Who is responsible for designing the Merit exhibition stands?
We have a team of highly talented creative designers in-house, who work on the strategy and design of our stands.

How long does it normally take to design and build an exhibition stand?
Once the scope and strategy have been completed, we recommend a 12-week lead-time to design and build an exhibition stand. Any extra time allows us to be even more creative and spend longer researching cost-effective build options.

How does Merit monitor and control the quality of its exhibition stands?
Our stands go through a series of quality control checks in the production process and we often pre-build elements of the design to ensure a high quality of build. Once the stand is complete, we perform a meets or exceeds your expectations.

Does your involvement end once you’ve assembled my stand?
We take care of the dismantling and transportation of the stand. We can then either store it in our secure storage warehouse, or deliver it to a location of your choice. If Merit 360 has been carried out, we then help you review the results to find out what worked well and what needs improving.

My budget is limited – can you help?
We have many ways to build a cost-effective exhibition stand, including hire options and re-useable options.

I’d like to see some examples of exhibition stands you’ve designed and manufactured – can you point me in the right direction?
Please visit our case studies page.

Bespoke Design / Custom Service

I’m looking for a bespoke exhibition stand – can you help?
We provide you with a range of solutions so you make the strongest impact with your exhibition stands, including fully bespoke designs and technology features.

What does the Merit creative process involve?
Our creative team will brainstorm the design of your stand and incorporate the latest digital technologies, whilst paying close attention to your brand guidelines. We’ll produce 3D visuals and a video walk-through of your proposed exhibition stand and present it to you for review.

I want to be involved in the design of my stand – can I collaborate with the Merit designers?
We welcome your input – after all, you know your business best.

Are stands with bespoke designs only suitable for one project?
We design, build and deliver unique exhibition stands that are also reusable.

Can I see some examples of bespoke stands you’ve produced?
Please visit our case studies page.

Retail Display and Interior Space

I need to optimise the use of a retail space – can you help?
We specialise in creating unique retail displays that use the floor space to the greatest advantage. We understand that every inch of floor space in a retail environment is costly and your display stand needs to deliver ROI.

What kinds of products are suited to Merit retail display stands?
We work with many different industries but particularly excel at displaying products a consumer can touch and feel. No products are too heavy or bulky for us!

What elements of design, build and manufacture are required for a successful retail display stand that delivers ROI?
Take a look at our Merit 360 approach for retail. It describes the stages we recommend in order for you to achieve the greatest ROI.

How does Merit monitor quality control of retail display stands?
Our retail displays go through numerous quality control checks, to ensure consistency in quality on every unit. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities use the latest technology and production methods to achieve the highest quality levels. As part of our fulfilment procedure, we ensure that the installation of every display meets the store manager’s expectations.

I’d like to see some retail display stands that Merit have worked on – do you have any case studies?
Please visit our case studies page.

Do you only manufacture retail displays?
Our retail display services involve a consultative approach where we firstly understand your product and what you are trying to achieve. We can then design, build and install the displays anywhere in the world.

Do your services finish once the stands have been manufactured?
Our fulfilment services are unique in the industry because we take complete responsibility for the roll-out of your retail display campaign. Managing the distribution and fitting of your product, we can deliver your display stands and install them in the required environment, globally. We can then follow this through to assist in the auditing of your displays, ensuring that the retail stands are delivering effective ROI.

Virtual Reality and Exhibitions

Why is virtual reality important when it comes to exhibition stands? What benefits does it offer?
You can experience your exhibition stand before it is built, with our cutting-edge virtual reality technology. This allows you to take a virtual “walk around” your stand, see all of the design features, feel what it will be like for visitors, and make your list of any preferred changes.

Installation and Storage

Does Merit handle every aspect of stand installation?
Our team of experienced, specialist installers will set-up your stand on the day and ensure you are happy before they depart.

My exhibition is outside the UK – can you help?
We can supply and install worldwide.

I don’t have anywhere to store my stand between exhibitions – can you help?
We will dismantle your stand after the event, load it into our unique crates, then store everything in our protected units until needed again.

Exhibitions at the NEC

I often exhibit at the NEC. Is your location beneficial?
We provide exhibition stands and retail displays throughout UK and Europe. Our head office is located near the NEC which has some added benefits including intimate knowledge of the halls and being on-hand for any last-minute exhibition stand adjustments. Our project managers are in attendance at other locations, too.