Exhibition Stand Design

Creating an impact at events

Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design

We use our design imagination and technical innovation to design bespoke exhibition stands that capture the attention of customers and make an impact at events.

Leading customers to your stand

Your exhibition stand design is tailored to deliver your business objectives and make an impact with visitors. Where customers’ eyes go, their feet follow … to your exhibition stand.

Delivering an impact

To develop your exhibition stand design, our creative team consider a number of important elements including:

  • The story you want to tell.
  • Your visitors’ journey.
  • Graphics that connect with customers’ needs and wants.
  • Practical innovation and technical extras.
  • Means of creating visitor engagement.
  • Hospitality and networking opportunities.
  • Interactive hands-on touch and feel for customers.
  • Effective usage of colour and light.

Exhibition stand design steps

To ensure your exhibition stand design is as effective as possible, the steps we follow include:

  • Research into your products or services and other relevant information.
  • Competitor research including examples of historical activity.
  • Creation of initial sketches.
  • Mock-ups of concept ideas in CAD software.
  • Development of an immersive Virtual Reality version.
  • Creation of full visuals and overall drawings.

Research and competitors

The research we conduct before creating your exhibition stand design enables us to develop a clear vision of the scope and how to provide you with a competitive advantage. The areas we explore include:

  • Your previous exhibition stands.
  • Stands of competitors and others in your sector.
  • The location of your stand within the exhibition venue.
  • Details of your products and services.
  • Your customers’ needs and wants.

“The exhibition stand design delivered exactly as it was pitched at our initial creative meeting without compromise. It turned heads and stood out compared to everyone else.”

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