Exhibition Stands for Hire

Assembly and preparation

Assembling the stand

You can download our simple guide to assembling the stand and using the shell-kit clamp:

Convert Shell Scheme into Seamless Displays Guide

Artwork Checklist

  • Artwork scaled to right size 100%, 50% or 25%.
  • Imported images have a minimum resolution of 300dpi at 25% of final print size.
  • All images are embedded.
  • All fonts are embedded and outlined where possible.
  • All artwork is created in CMYK and images are saved as CMYK.
  • Supply vector-based artwork rather than raster for the best reproduction of your artwork.
  • PDF setting is set to match the PDF/X-1a preset.
  • Set the PDF/X-1a colour work space for CMYK to Europe ISO Coated FOGRA39.
  • Make sure that your saved file is not password protected.
  • All artwork should have crops and 10mm bleed at full size.
  • Images are cropped before being placed in picture boxes that are displaying only a partial image view.
  • We are informed in writing of any colour matching requirements.

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How to build your stand and prepare artwork

To maximise efficiency and accuracy, we use automated pre-production workflow systems. Therefore, it is important that artwork is supplied pre-checked to the required specification.

Failure to do this may cause delays in the process and incur additional set-up charges.

Additional information is provided below to further explain each requirement.

Assembling your stand

You can watch this short video on assembling the shell kit:

Additional Information

File Format:

Artwork should be supplied in PDF format. (Multi-page files are acceptable).

Please note: when exporting from Illustrator, ensure you use the [Illustrator Default] setting (not High Quality Print). For InDesign files, save as PDF Preset [High Quality Print].

File Naming:

File naming can be a critical way of tracing and tracking a job through our work-flow system and, therefore, file names should be as relevant to the job/project and each element of a job as practical ie: matching artwork files with cutter guide/panel plan file names.

Where possible stating the scale within the file name is good, but do not use a % character, use the “pc” instead. If working on an Apple computer, do not use illegal Windows file names character: / = + < > : ; “ , * ? ^.

We also highly recommend adding a version number to the end of the files name.


Our digital printers use the CMYK print process. It is, therefore, best to set up your artwork in a CMYK colour space. You may use *spot colours, for example Pantone colours, but we cannot always achieve an accurate match due to the limitations of the CMYK print process, also the artwork supplied as spot colours can lead to unexpected results especially when filters or fading are used.

If a specific spot colour is present in your artwork and you require us to match this, you must tell us before sending your artwork.

*Please note: All spot colours should be named with an original Pantone Spot Colour.

Any spot colours with a bespoke name may be unrecognisable within our work-flow system and may not print unless it is converted to CMYK.


Please ensure artwork is not set up with anything set to overprint using the attributes palette. You should check your PDF using the ‘output preview’ tool.

Artwork sizes matching order sheets:

The most common reason for delays in production are when artwork sizes do not match the order. It is critical that this is checked. We cannot be liable for reprints if files are produced from incorrectly sized artwork.


All artwork must be supplied with 10mm bleed.

Print and Contour Cut:

Items that require cutting to shape (contour cutting) must be supplied with the contour cut line set up as a vector path (typically created in Adobe Illustrator). This must be a shape with a stroke but no fill. The stroke colour must be a spot colour named ‘CutContour’.

The physical colour of the spot colour is, by convention, 100% magenta, but can be any colour to enable it to show up against your artwork (as long as its a spot colour). DO NOT use a CMYK colour to show your cut line. Our automated systems will be unable to separate this from your artwork.

Artwork scale: It is important to know what scale the artwork is set up to 25%, 50% or 100%.

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