Exhibition Stand Engagement

How to captivate your customers

Exhibition Stand Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the key to the success of your exhibition stand. We begin by understanding your business objectives and then ensure they are achieved through the story of your stand.

Providing prospects with solutions

Your customers attend exhibitions with their own set of goals. Once they are attracted to your stand, you can provide a variety of means of engaging their interest and providing the solutions they are seeking.

Factors that make an impact

We consider a number of factors to ensure your exhibition stand captures attention and achieves your business objectives. They include:

  • Design – Delivering the “wow” factor while remaining on-brand.
  • Technology – Using cutting-edge innovation to present your messages.
  • Customer interaction – Offering a hands-on experience or interactive functionality.
  • Hospitality and networking – Providing the best conditions for conversations.
  • People and knowledge – Helping you to meet customers’ needs and wants.
  • Giveaways – Making sure you gain promotional value from your freebies.

The customer journey

Whatever the size of your exhibition stand, it’s very important that your visitors can easily follow a visual or physical path that leads to meeting your objectives. The key points in successful exhibition stand navigation include:

  • Branding and messaging – In three seconds, it should be clear who you are and what you offer.
  • Solutions to problems – The customer arrives with needs and wants, it should be obvious you can satisfy them.
  • Signposting – If your stand is quite large, use visual aids to identify different areas.
  • Entrances – Make the most of where people will access your stand and how they will be welcomed.
  • Seating and hospitality – Give careful consideration to where discussion and networking should take place.

Hospitality and networking

Hospitality and meeting spaces are often the hub of an exhibition stand. When designing and developing hospitality areas, our key considerations are:

  • Where it will be provided within your exhibition stand space.
  • How it will be sign-posted.
  • What it will offer to visitors.
  • The ambience it should convey.
  • The most suitable lighting and furniture.

“People are drawn to the stand because of its presence in itself. And they really go away remembering what we had to show.”

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Case Study – Marshalls aimed to be the biggest and the best

Marshalls had a clear vision … they wanted an exhibition stand that would make a strong impact with everyone and portray them as being the biggest and best supplier to a particular customer.

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