Exhibition Stands & ROI

Measure return on investment

Exhibition Stands & ROI

Measuring the ROI of your exhibition can be challenging. There are many different factors and businesses often struggle to place a tangible value on the results of exhibiting.

ROI calculator

We use our experience and in-house ROI calculator to bring clarity and help you to measure and improve your return on investment.

What you measure to calculate your ROI on exhibitions will be dictated by the goals that should be set at the outset. We can also help you with selecting the best metrics to measure and the means of assessing the results.

What you measure

Most often it is actual sales leads which are measured. However, other items include:

  • Number of visitors to your stand.
  • Number of qualified meetings.
  • Time spent on your stand.
  • Topics/products/services of most interest to your stand visitors.
  • Number of attendees to your workshop (if relevant).
  • Media exposure gained.
  • Number of interactions with a special feature on your stand.
  • Social media coverage.
  • Increase in brand awareness.

How should you measure

There are different levels of sophistication in terms of how you should conduct measurement during an exhibition. Some methods are:

  • Collect business cards and scan them.
  • Scan badges (data capture system).
  • Have a physical scoreboard for your staff.
  • Use forms to be filled in by visitors.
  • Count marketing material taken away.
  • Count visitors to your stand and time spent.
  • Consider stand tracking devices and “smart badges”.

Calculating ROI

There are various means of calculating your ROI and it will reflect what you have measured. With specific regard to the financial returns, we have created an ROI Calculator system that we tailor for individual clients. Some of the items calculated are:

  • Revenue.
  • Cost savings.
  • Promotional value.
  • Total costs.
  • Ratio of your ROI.
  • Value of your ROI.

“With the Merit ROI Calculator, we can say with confidence exactly whether an exhibition really did work for us. It also gives us key data and facts so that we know exactly where to put our investment in the future.”

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