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Exhibitor Manual Introduction

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The event team isn’t going to thank you if you suggest bunking up in Auntie Bella’s spare room because someone forgot the accommodation (again!).

Book accommodation as early as possible to get the best prices as close as possible to the event venue.

Organisers often have negotiated special deals so remember to check with them, too.


Did you know the fighter planes of WWII had acrylic canopies?

We don’t expect you to scramble to a dogfight over the flexible and resilient plastic. But it’s worth noting acrylic has a number of properties that make it ideal for use within exhibition stands including strength and suitability for decoration.


£22,200,000,000 is the reported amount of UK advertising expenditure last year as it grew for the eighth year running.

You should consider adding to those advertising billions – particularly across digital channels – to raise awareness of your exhibition activity and attract visitors.


Wagner’s bridal chorus, “Here Comes The Bride” stirs emotions as the nearly-wed approaches her groom down the aisle.

The aisle at an exhibition is equally important as it provides the main walkway for visitors.

You, too, can use music or other techniques to attract attention. If permissible, signs suspended above an aisle can also be effective.


Aluminium makes up about eight percent of the Earth’s crust.

The durable metal is also often used to construct exhibition display stands due to being lightweight and easy to assemble.


The BBC TV comedy “Ambassadors” featured two hapless British diplomats in the fictional Republic of Tazbekistan.

You really wouldn’t want them as members of your event team.

It’s important to remember your stand team are all important ambassadors of your company.

Also see Coaching.


The process of “increasing the volume” can be taken literally and figuratively in relation to your exhibition activity.

If you use audio on your stand, it can attract and engage visitors as long as you’re not blasting out Led Zeppelin’s Heartbreaker at 130 dB.

You can also amplify awareness of your attendance through a variety of marketing activities.

Also see Marketing.


Aristotle first applied the technique of analysis in the study of mathematics and logic as far back as 384 BC.

Around this time, the Chinese dictionary first featured tea as a drink and Alexander the Great was marching east with some 30,000 foot soldiers.

Your efforts may not be quite so historic but, by conducting analysis at different stages (for example, assessing competitors at the outset and reviewing results after a show), your exhibition activity will be much more effective.


Make a date with prospects and existing customers to develop lasting relationships.

You can boost the effectiveness of your exhibition activity by sending out pre-show invitations to targeted people.

See Invitations and Meetings.


Attracting and engaging with visitors can be something of an art form. And a caricature artist on your stand can entertain clients and promote your business.

While they’re drawing, you can hold a conversation and, if the artwork has your name or branding, the subject will most likely have a reminder of you for many years to come.

You can also scan or photograph the images and post them on social media during the show.

Also see Attractions.


Unless you trade in round rubber objects that are intended to test shoe leather, you probably don’t want to attract tyre kickers to your stand.

However, the vast majority of exhibition attendees have other good reasons to visit a show.

A combination of advance planning, pre-show marketing, and at-show visibility tactics (the most important element being your stand design) will ensure you attract as many quality attendees as possible.

Also see Marketing.


Roll up, roll up, come and see the greatest show on earth. The circus was born in Britain more than 250 years ago but, of course, event attractions don’t have to be quite so spectacular.

However, you should consider various means of attracting prospects to your stand.

A key point here is to attract the right people and not a crowd seeking fabulous freebies or irrelevant entertainment.

Also see Giveaways.

So, what can you offer that would particularly appeal to your future customer?

Bear in mind the main attraction should be focused on raising awareness of your products or services.

A/V – Audio / Visual

Don’t you wonder sometimes ‘Bout sound and vision? David Bowie did. And so should you to attract and engage with visitors to your exhibition stand.

There is a wide range of A/V (Audio / Visual) options to consider from a video wall to individual iPads.

Also see Video.

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