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Exhibitor Manual Introduction.

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You can have a super-yacht for a week for around £400,000. Or nine hours in a Gulfstream G450 private jet for £100,000. And a Bentley Continental GTC Mulliner is a snip for £1400 a day.

In fact, you can hire almost anything if you have money to burn. On the other hand, if you are also keen on making the most of your exhibition stand investment, it makes sense to hire many of the components.

Exhibition stand items for hire include furniture, counters, bars, lighting, walls, stages, and flooring.


In South Africa, it is an insult to leave food on your plate. In Ethiopia, it might be wrapped in bread and pushed into your mouth. In South America, you should never make a toast with water.

And beware of “Man Down”, a drinking game in Russia where men must drink vodka until one remains standing in triumph.

This hospitality thing isn’t as simple as it seems. But it is extremely important and many experts are of the opinion that exhibition stands of the future will be built around hospitality and meeting spaces.

When offering hospitality, you need to consider where it will be provided within your stand space, who will benefit, and what you will provide.

Your hospitality area is often best located towards the rear of your stand; visible and welcoming but not accessible to everyone who happens to be passing by.

You should also consider creating an element of privacy for more confidential conversations.

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