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Exhibitor Manual Introduction.

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Key metrics

Numbers alone often get a raw deal. For example, Plato said, “A good decision is based on knowledge and not numbers.”

However, we would disagree with the Greek philosopher when it comes to exhibition stands.

Without knowing your important numbers and using them within ROI calculations, you’re in the dark about the value of your activity. Examples of key metrics include:

  • Revenue.
  • Cost savings.
  • Promotional value.
  • Total costs.
  • Ratio of your ROI.
  • Value of your ROI.


There are several very early historical references to the phrase “Knowledge is power”, in Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and Latin.

Translations include “Knowledge is power and it can command obedience” and “A wise man is strong, a man of knowledge increases strength”.

When we have conducted customer research, respondents frequently say it is very important to have knowledgeable staff on an exhibition stand.

It seems their experience is quite often that questions about products or services are not satisfactorily answered.

You may not be able to command obedience, but you should gain a competitive advantage by ensuring your event team possess and are able to share the right amount of knowledge.

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