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Exhibitor Manual Introduction.

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“Leads and prospects equal opportunities. Master prospecting and you will be the master of your sales destiny.”

This marketing quote is particularly true of exhibitions with the capturing of leads being one of the main reasons people invest in a stand.

However, to master your sales destiny, you should also have a clear process set out in terms of how leads will be followed up, when, and by whom. Otherwise, the prospecting path will be littered with lost opportunities.


Literature, in the west, apparently originated in Western Asia (now Iraq and Kuwait) and flourished in Egypt, later in Greece and, from there, to Rome.

And, now, it may have found its way to your exhibition stand.

exhibitor manual literature

Before you invest too much in the production of literature, make sure it:

Offers information of interest to your target customer.
Persuasively presents your products or services.
·Contains clear contact details.

The first point is most important but is often overlooked by businesses who present content that is too self-centred.


Location, location, location. It’s as important to your exhibition stand as it is to your home.

Take time to explore the floor plan before committing to a particular space. Some of the items to consider include:

  • Footfall. Is the location likely to be used by many people but also not too congested?
  • Traffic. Where is the flow likely to go when people enter?
  • What stands are nearby and who are your neighbours. You may not wish to be too close to an obvious competitor.
  • What location suits your type of booth (eg an island, open front and one side, open at the front only).
  • Avoid dead-end aisles and being next to an exit.

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