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Exhibitor Manual Introduction.

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With YouTube, for example, being the world’s second most popular search engine, video coverage can significantly extend the reach and influence of your exhibition stand activity.

You can capture video of your stand being built (possibly as a time-lapse), your stand team and visitors, interviews with members of your team etc.

The video can then be used in a variety of ways across a number of channels.

VIP Tickets

You just don’t know who you might bump into at a trade show. We’ve seen Jason Statham, Captain Jack Sparrow, Richard Branson, Victoria Beckham, and even the Queen!

But, no matter how engaging these lookalikes may be in terms of attracting people to your stand, they wouldn’t normally be the recipients of your VIP Tickets.

Rather, if special tickets are available (remember to ask the event organisers), they should be reserved for your important prospects or customers.

You should also consider creating your own “VIP Invitations” to encourage the right people to visit you at the show, perhaps offering extra hospitality, an exclusive preview, or some other feature that will be attractive to them.

Viral Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing can spread like wildfire and, if you have a positive message or stand attraction that’s likely to go viral across social networks, you’re onto a winner.

This should be considered as part of your overall marketing strategy.

See Marketing.

Virtual Reality

The origins of Virtual Reality are somewhat sketchy, from early science fiction to the first head-mounted display that was so heavy it had to be suspended from the ceiling.

However, the interactive, computer-generated VR experience of today can play a key role for event exhibitors.

For example, at Merit Display, you can immerse yourself in your exhibition stand with VR technology before it is built.

Our VR system allows you to “walk through” the stand, view the sight lines, and examine the finer details. It brings your visuals to life and provides the opportunity to make any pre-build improvements.

VR can also be used on your stand to enhance the visitors’ experience of your products and even virtually explore your business facilities.


You may be familiar with the “tyre kicker” … the visitor who asks multiple questions but has no intention of becoming a customer.

Or the “tourist” … who appears to be visiting the show merely to have an away-day from their usual office routine.

And the “collector” … who seems only focused on filling their show bag with goodies and occasional brochures.

However, in reality, your stand visitors come in all guises and it’s easy to fall into the trap of categorising them before you’ve had the chance to discuss their areas of interest.

The dressed-down millennial might just be a self-made millionaire and the rumpled old-timer may own multiple businesses.

It is better not to be misled by appearances but, rather, rely upon your questions and persona research (both of which you will have prepared prior to the event) to ascertain whether your visitor is a useful prospect.

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