Ways to Outsmart Competitors at Exhibitions and Events

Exhibition Stand Assembly


Look after your guests and make them feel like you want them to be there

You will go a long way to outsmarting your competitors at exhibitions and events if you plan your stand space strategically, target your hospitality plan towards your ideal customer, and ensure visitors engage with – rather than just see – the features and benefits of your product.

But to delve deeper, and before we get into the do’s, here’s a few don’ts to bear in mind.

  • Don’t be tempted to prioritise product display over hospitality and interactive space.
  • Don’t assume that visitors will automatically “love” your product – they need to interact with it and experience it hands-on.
  • Don’t use too much small text to explain the features and benefits of your products – 80% of people won’t read this.

Construct your stand for success

First things first. You need to plan thoroughly to ensure that your stand appeals visually to your target customers. To do so:

  • Keep branding high.
  • Only use small text on information pods near to product displays and make it digital if possible.
  • Use the back walls to represent the brand and showcase large application imagery.
  • Have a good, comfortable floor!

… with a strong strategy and exceptional hospitality.

When it comes to the day itself, a key thing to remember is hospitality; which we cover in greater detail within our Merit 360° approach to exhibiting. A fundamental element is you should look after your guests and make them feel like you want them to be there. But not that you’re there just to get their details and move closer to a sale.

  • Create a hive of activity – if your stand is busy it will attract more people.
  • Know what results you want and how you’re going to track them.
  • Train your team well, so that they are all on the same song-sheet.
  • If possible, make your stand interactive to engage your target audience.

And one last thing: If you think your products are not very visually appealing, make the stand design strong to draw people in. Once they’re interested in you, it’ll be far easier to engage them with your product.