Maxam | Dura+ Case Study

Creating an impactful shelving display for the new Maxam Dura+

The Project

One of the most well-respected brands in the marketplace, Maxam has been manufacturing unique, innovative products since 1971. Its products are designed to resolve the many problems associated with day-to-day maintenance.

Maxam is a proud supplier to Local Government, Social Housing, NHS, Education, and other industries.

The Brief

When looking to display their newest innovative Dura+ Hybrid adhesive sealant across their hundreds of UK stockists, Maxam turned to Merit Display to supply an eye-catching, free-standing display that could be distributed to builder’s merchants across the country.

A key consideration for the project was to ensure that the Maxam brand values; “Right first time- every time”, combined with the unique selling point of the product to create a highly visible display that attracted, engaged and converted potential customers within busy stores.

It was also vital to the success of this project that the multiple product variants could be easily accessed upon the stand, and the display is able to withstand the rigours of being positioned within a highly tactile, demanding environment such as a builder’s merchant.

This challenge required imaginative design, strategic expertise, and cutting-edge technical innovation; 3 areas Merit Display are known to deliver.

The Solution

After cooperation with the Maxam internal stakeholders, a selection of bespoke designs utilising our exclusive MerFlex display design product were presented to the client. Following a period of consultation, the chosen solution was a tiered shelving unit enabled each display to exhibit 5 full shelves of Maxam Dura+ tubes in an innovative cut-out shelving insert that allows the product to stand upright in neat lines within the display.

Manufactured and constructed in our factory, these completed displays are lightweight enough to be delivered fully assembled directly to sites and positioned in strategic areas within the stores, saving time and disruption at site. With the ability to stock directly by staff on site and repositioned, when necessary, this unique shelving retail display allows the Maxam Dura+ product to be displayed effectively in a stimulating, impactful way.

More about MerFlex

This innovative, sustainable material offers the qualities of rigid and foamed PVC together. It combines the surface quality and characteristics of rigid PVC with a reduced weight due to a recycled foamed PVC core. It can be used in harsh chemical environments due to its high chemical resistance.

  • Flat, bright white surface for UV direct print application
  • Recycled lightweight core constitutes 80% of product weight
  • Scratch resistant surface even once printed
  • High structural strength with a relatively low overall weight
  • Stronger and more rigid than similar materials
  • Displays created by different fabrication and thermoform methods
  • Suitable for exterior applications

The Result

Visually stunning, vivid colours and highly engaging, Maxam installed a first batch of these effective, eye-catching retail displays into high profile, high footfall builders’ merchants around the UK, creating a highly tactile and appealing displays that attract customers towards the new Dura+ product.

A second round of installs across the UK is currently underway with a further expansion of the displays planned for the near future. Look out for the Maxam Dura+ display unit in a builders’ merchant near you and see for yourself the impact of a high-quality, innovative retail display.

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