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Joie & Nuna – Bespoke Retail displays

“The quality of the stands was absolutely second to none. Fantastic.”

Mothercare, Joie, and Nuna are three of the biggest brands in the world of children’s products. And a grown-up solution was required to meet their retail display requirements.

Naturally, the display stands had to meet their very high standards, in terms of visual appeal, quality of materials, and robust manufacturing processes.

It was also critical that these qualities remained consistent across each of the more than 500 stands that were needed. And that they were delivered and installed without hassle within at least 80 stores throughout the UK and Ireland.:

Quality was fantastic

The first elements of the opportunity were successfully provided by members of Merit’s creative and technical team. Their challenge included satisfying the Nuna product bywords of “simple, practical, stylish” and Joie’s “simply brilliant” design philosophy.

The approach and methodology we take with the manufacturing and review of prototypes particularly helped ensure the clients’ requirements were met prior to moving to full production.

In fact, Steve Smith, Brand Manager UK and Ireland at Nuna, said: “Another company had made a prototype and there was no comparison. The Merit prototype was a million miles better.

“The quality of the stands was absolutely second to none. Fantastic.”

Of course, with a project of this size, there were some teething troubles but, as Steve added: “There were a few remedial works needed but that was done straight away. It all went very smoothly and the work was completed to the highest level.”

One of the key contributory factors to the success of the project was Merit’s “Retail Fulfilment Hub”. The online system provided at-a-glance access to all essential elements including Mothercare store locations, installation dates, and stand specifications.

It was accessible to Joie and Nuna personnel as well as the Merit team and also contained photographs of each of the stands after they were installed within the Mothercare stores.

Steve said: “The Merit Fulfilment Hub was absolutely imperative. Essentially, we also gave access to our sales merchandisers. It allowed us to have great visibility of everything that was happening.

“One big part of it for us was, within two days of seeing the stands going into each store, we would send our merchandisers. Having that visibility allowed us to be in the stores when needed.”

Great success

The merchandisers were responsible for the products on the stands, quality control, and training the Mothercare staff.

We actually installed 285 stands for Nuna and 268 for Joie in 83 stores across the UK and Ireland. The project scope began in March and the installations were ready to be rolled out from July to August.

Our project manager, Jonnie White, said: “The client had some store priorities. We then scheduled the rest according to logistics, route planning, and liaison with the stores.

“The direct contact with the stores made a big difference and helped to avoid disruption. Particularly as we were often installing the displays during open hours.”

Steve Smith said: “It was a very well managed project. Merit were very flexible in supporting us throughout. Through the portal and various means like phone calls, they kept us up-to-date with what was going on.”

The project has proven to be a great success for Mothercare, Joie, and Nuna. Steve concluded: “It has massively raised the profile of the Nuna brand and we’re seeing sales growth as a result. The stands have been very important.”

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