Retail Display Prototypes

Perfecting design and functionality

Retail Display Prototypes

You are able to review the design of your retail display stand throughout each stage of the creative process. However, there is no substitute for a full-size, working prototype that brings your display to life.

Review look, feel & functionality

We manufacture a working prototype of your retail display stand so you can thoroughly review its look, feel, and functionality. Following this close examination, including your product placement, refinements can be made to maximise effectiveness.

Features of your prototype

The prototype of your bespoke retail display stand is presented exactly as proposed for in-store usage. It features:

  • Graphics printed and placed.
  • Full-colour reproduction.
  • Complete structure assembly.
  • Manufacturing with the intended materials.
  • Your products in place.
  • Functional technology and working parts.

Retail display prototype benefits

Your prototype provides the opportunity to emulate the customer experience before committing to full production. It allows you to:

  • Examine the design functionality, materials, and product performance.
  • See the visual size and appearance of the finished stand.
  • Engage with the functionality and touch-and-feel.
  • Assess the display stand’s life-size impact.
  • Get it right!

Development of your prototype

The steps we follow in developing your retail display prototypes are:

  • Creation of overall design, liaising with you.
  • Production of technical drawings.
  • Specification of materials to be used.
  • Printing and cutting of graphics.
  • Manufacturing of all components.
  • Assembly of the parts.
  • Quality checking.
  • Presentation for your review.
  • Production of any subsequent prototypes that may be required.

“Merit were really brilliant with regards to bringing our vision to life. They were able to take the idea and the concept and implement it working under a very tight deadline.”

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