Retail Display and Exhibition Supplier Comparison

Sentinel Exhibition Stand


The Merit 360° approach to retail display and exhibition display stands has been developed to allow you to make maximum impact,

When approaching a retail display or exhibition stand project, you can be faced with the choice of using a specialist all-round provider, an agency, or a stand / display builder.

The Merit 360° approach to retail display and exhibition display stands has been developed to help solve that dilemma … and allow you to make maximum impact and gain the greatest return on your investment.

From scoping out your project, to strategy, design and promotion, we ensure every aspect is expertly tailored to achieving your business objectives. The end-to-end service is delivered in three key stages:
Scope, Strategy, and Concepts
Design, Build, and Fulfilment
Awareness, Sales, and Results

It has taken us more than 25 years to build the knowledge, experience, and expertise required to successfully provide this complete solution for retail display and exhibition display stands success.

Covering each of the key stages, here is an at-a-glance comparison between what you gain by working with us as opposed to possible alternative options.

  • Merit
v Agency v

Stand Builder


  • Contextual exploration and interpretation of the scope of your business objectives.
  • Analysis and research around your key metrics, targeted customers, and desired outcomes.
  • Findings used to shape your design concepts and develop a clear strategic approach.
  • Presentation of design concepts and ideas to maximise the effectiveness of your activity.
  • For Exhibition Stands, a Virtual Reality version is included so you can experience and refine your stand before it is built.
  • For Retail Displays, we will build a full-size prototype for you to put to the test.
  • General questions about your business objectives.
  •  You provide the brief.


Merit v Agency v Stand Builder
  • Your design concepts are fully developed, modelled, and precisely specified with technical drawings.
  • All materials and components are created, sourced, and assembled by our expert team.
  • The best technology is specified.
  • A dedicated project manager ensures successful scheduling, delivery, and on-site fulfilment including proactive communication and quality control.
  • Storage and stock control are included as required.
  • Design by non-specialist.
  • Limited knowledge of technical requirements, materials, or technology.
  • Build and fulfilment outsourced.


  •  Design outsourced.


v Agency v

Stand Builder


  • You will be offered various means of attracting customers – from social media campaigns, to blog articles, and video promotions – so you gain maximum visibility.
  • We will also assist ongoing lead development activity as well as measurement and analysis.
  • You will be able to make best usage of information gathered so it contributes strongly to your business growth and return on investment (ROI).
  • Support with marketing activity.
  • No activity.

You will also find us to be hardworking, energetic, and passionate as we consistently deliver your business objectives.