Sandtoft Solar Roofing Solutions: A Retail Display Triumph

Merit Display presents an exciting case study showcasing the innovative display we created for the Sandtoft In-Roof Solar System.

This cutting-edge solution revolutionises solar energy integration in modern homes.

The Project & Brief

Our journey begins with a project that embodies sustainability, efficiency, and futureproofing.

Sandtoft, a renowned name in roofing materials, sought to find a smart way to display their innovative solar energy roofing products.

Their vision was to display their sleek, efficient, and eco-friendly in-roof solar system that could set new standards for modern roofing while aligning with industry regulations.

Sandtoft wanted to achieve a retail display that not only showcased their product in a visually effective manner but also allowed shoppers to have a hands-on insight into the easy installation of their product.

The Solution

Merit Display, with over 25 years of experience in delivering impactful retail displays, embarked on this project with the same dedication to attracting, engaging, and converting audiences.

The solution was clear – to create a comprehensive display unit that could encourage interaction with the product.

Our in-house experts collaborated closely with Sandtoft to ensure every detail aligned with the brief.

The result was a sleek, seamless, solar display/demo rig for the in-roof solar system. This display boasts a powder-coated steel tubular frame, ensuring it is lightweight and easily manoeuvrable with swivel casters fixed to the bottom. It also features a large high-level graphic header offering excellent branding space.

Ingeniously, we incorporated three different timber batten layout options, allowing the client to choose the option they want for each merchant. Additionally, an option was included to showcase roof verge products on the display too, provided the correct batten option was chosen.

This hands-on experience performs exceptionally well in a retail environment and allowed customers to witness firsthand how easy it is to install these sleek units, instilling confidence in the product’s performance and ease of use.

The Result

The Sandtoft In-Roof Solar System display not only met but exceeded expectations, receiving positive feedback across the board.

We started to install these smart displays across the country and are able to fit one of the three batten options according to the desired finish for each merchant.

In summary, the collaboration between Sandtoft and Merit Display resulted in a display that not only received widespread acclaim but also truly highlights their groundbreaking in-roof solar system, redefining modern roofing. It’s not just a solar panel; it’s a solar roof, setting new industry standards and supporting builders, contractors, asset owners, and homeowners in facing the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We delivered each display directly to the store/merchant, saving the client time and hassle arranging transport. Leveraging our online fulfilment hub, we were able to facilitate the smooth roll-out of the displays, ensuring that the entire process was seamless and efficient.

At Merit Display, our unique approach and 25 years of experience ensure that we deliver tangible ROI from your events and retail campaigns. With a focus on industry-leading design and innovation, we continue to transform how businesses attract, engage, and delight their customers, creating displays and experiences that leave a lasting impact.

We are proud to have played a part in the success of the Sandtoft In-Roof Solar System project.

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