Thermosphere Case Study

“Feel the warmth” with Thermosphere

The Project

Experts in delivering “comfort that doesn’t compromise the environment”, Thermosphere is a UK based business at the forefront of the innovation and design of professional electric heating products that are efficient, easy to install and eco-friendly.

With solutions to deliver comfortable electric heating across several environments, including bathroom, underfloor, water heating and outdoor, Thermosphere combines expertise in electric heating with a passion to change how homes are heated, creating electric heating systems that are “naturally better by design”.

The Brief

Thermosphere approached Merit Display to showcase their range of underfloor heating across showrooms and suppliers around the country. Their electric underfloor heating systems installation of a heating cable system into the build-up of a floor, rather than relying on unsightly heating solutions that can ruin the aesthetic of a room design. Suitable for any room and any floor finish, the electric underfloor heating systems warm the room from the ground up, producing radiant heat and a warmer environment.

Thermosphere were keen to produce a retail display unit that could accurately demonstrate to potential customers the effectiveness of underfloor heating, while simultaneously communicating the ease of installation and design freedom that their solution provides over traditional underfloor heating options.

This challenge required a level of collaborative communication with the client regarding their design needs, along with technical design, strategic expertise, and cutting-edge manufacturing; areas Merit Display are known to deliver.

The Solution

With a clear vision and key outcomes established between the Thermosphere and Merit Display teams, an initial design was agreed upon and production began on a sample retail display.

The inventive countertop display design was inspired by the notion of consumers being able to physically interact with and experience the product first hand. This was an extremely important factor for the client, who were keen to communicate the effectiveness of their heating solution and ensure consumers were educated and inspired by the level of warmth that could be generated from electric underfloor heating.

With a cleverly designed silhouette hand at the forefront of the angled display, the final design invited customers to place their hand on the flat surface and “Feel the warmth”- a targeted strapline that ensured the audience were aware of the tactile nature of the display.

To deliver the sensation that customers can expect when installing the Thermosphere product, the display was crafted to house the fitting of the client’s underfloor heating mat on the underside of the angled display surface. This allowed the interacting customer to experience a life-like, real world example of what they could expect to experience from the product if chosen to install on their project.

Backed by a full colour panel that catches the eye of the user, Merit was able to design a clean, high-definition and full colour unit that communicated the brand and product USPs in a striking yet succinct way.

Through a series of prototypes to refine the display, the Merit design team arrived at a final design which not only fully met the brief was also plug and play with all wiring included along with simple internal access. This ensured that the Thermosphere product could be removed or replaced at any time, while aiding with speedy manufacture and distribution.

With high resolution printing and exceptional technical design expertise, the new Thermosphere display combines the visual demonstration of the product with the technical information and brand USPs that the customer requires to feel confident in making a purchase.

Supplied to the retailers’ showrooms around the UK as a fully assembled display, each unit comes delivered with a bespoke protective card box to ensure it reaches the countertops in pristine condition.

The Result

The sturdy design of the display, crafted using 5mm MerFlex construction and standing at 400mm high, was perfect for promoting interaction within eye-level displays throughout the country.

Visually engaging and distinctive in its design, the Thermosphere display is a fantastic example of how Merit combines creative design flair and technical know-how, alongside expert manufacturing techniques to produce unique, engaging and commercially astute retail displays for our clients.

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More about MerFlex

This innovative, sustainable material offers the qualities of rigid and foamed PVC together. It combines the surface quality and characteristics of rigid PVC with a reduced weight due to a recycled foamed PVC core. It can be used in harsh chemical environments due to its high chemical resistance.

  • Flat, bright white surface for UV direct print application
  • Recycled lightweight core constitutes 80% of product weight
  • Scratch resistant surface even once printed with UV print
  • High structural strength with a relatively low overall weight
  • Stronger and more rigid than similar materials
  • Displays created by different fabrication and thermoform methods
  • Suitable for exterior applications
  • ‘Zero Waste’ with any waste/offcuts being recycled back into new material

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