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The Project

Bristan, a leading player in the plumbing and bathroom industry, approached Merit Display with a unique challenge – they needed a complete refresh of their showroom at their UK headquarters. The need to update the space was driven by the significant research that had been conducted on the reasons why people choose Bristan, which brought about an update to their branding and messaging. They were aiming to align their showroom with their new marketing messaging that encapsulated the 7 reasons to use Bristan. The deadline, however, was driven by a desire to have the work completed in time for a visit from the Group President, Jai Shah of the Masco Corporation,
the parent company of Bristan Group. This gave Bristan the opportunity to impress their global counterparts.

The Brief

The task was clear, Merit Display had to overhaul the showroom warehouse and reception, incorporate the seven key marketing messages seamlessly, and ensure that the space reflected the values and quality associated with the Bristan brand. The tight deadline was an additional layer of complexity, requiring a swift and efficient execution.

The Solution

Merit Display took on the urgent challenge, managing the entire project from start to finish. Everything from creative design to stud work, the vast range of the project, was implemented directly by our design, production and installation teams. The scope of work extended beyond the showroom and involved a significant transformation of the warehouse space. Noteworthy elements included a 7-metre-tall parts carousel, a 21-metre-long wall in a walkway, and the integration of bespoke furniture designed specifically to showcase Bristan products.

We worked in close collaboration with Bristan’s marketing team, ensuring the final product not only met the functional requirements but also aligned seamlessly with the overarching brand image. The project also involved working with Bristan’s in-house facilities team to address electrical needs and allowed for our designers the freedom to ensure a cohesive integration of illumination elements into the overall look and feel of the display.

The Result

Despite the tight deadline and the challenges of working within a live showroom and warehouse, Merit Displays delivered a stunning transformation. All while ensuring the showroom was out of action as little as possible. The team worked around schedules and at the weekend to minimise the disruption of the busy working area.

The main reception, office areas, warehouse, parts picking and packing area, and the showroom itself all underwent a comprehensive overhaul. The newly installed graphics, furniture, and lighting not only met the immediate needs of the visit from the American head office but also elevated the entire space, tying together different elements of the business.


The Bristan showroom and warehouse project showcases our ability to deliver exceptional results under pressure. The rapid turnaround from the initial enquiry in early July to project completion in August demonstrated not only our efficiency but also our commitment to meeting challenging deadlines.

This Merit Display case study stands as a testament to our capability to not only meet, but exceed client expectations, even in the face of tight timelines and challenging working conditions. For businesses seeking a partner in transforming their spaces, we offer comprehensive solutions that elevate brand presence and create lasting impressions.

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