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Maximising small footprint with a brick library display for Travis Perkins

The Project

Travis Perkins is the UK’s largest supplier of building materials to the construction industry.

Comprising of a network of over 500 branches, supplying thousands of products and materials, including a hire service, Travis Perkins prides itself on delivering high quality, reasonably priced trade products to professionals and the public across the UK.

The Brief

With such an extensive range of building materials, one of the main challenges faced by Travis Perkins is efficient, effective display of their products within stores.

Merit Display was approached to discuss a design solution to display the vast range of brick options, a key product for the business, without the need for excessive floor space.

The aim of the design project was to display as many bricks as possible within a small footprint.

The solution needed to maximise sales through eye-catching design, that encouraged customers to browse the range with ease, and be informed of each product option on offer.

This challenge required imaginative design, inventive manufacturing, and cutting-edge technical innovation; 3 areas Merit Display are known to deliver.

The Solution

After collaboration with the Travis Perkins marketing team, a selection of bespoke designs was drafted and agreed upon, enabling each display to exhibit 10, 34 or 50 brick samples dependant on the size of the available space.

With a tubular steel framework and heavy base, the brick library has the strength required to allow specially designed brick display boards to sit in a prefabricated U-channel.

As a result, the brick boards hang forward over the display towards the customer. This innovative ‘open’ fronted design not only creates an eye-catching display, but actively promotes customers to touch and experience the products.

Functional aswell as eye-catching, the base of the frame has additional areas to display relevant product range information, and each brick display board has a rear graphic including further detail. The innovative design of this brick library allows individual sites to interchange product samples quickly and easily when required without the need for specialist equipment.

Supplied in 3 sizes, the displays are professionally branded with full colour printed graphics at the base and header.

The largest free-standing display stands at an impressive 1.8m high, allowing for a remarkable 50 brick samples to be displayed across 3 rows, with eye-catching appeal and minimal floorspace requirements.

The medium and countertop display units pack an equally efficient punch, efficiently displaying 34 and 10 samples in their respective footprints. They can also be co-ordinated together for larger branches to create a seamlessly branded look and feel.

In addition to designing, manufacturing, and supplying these brick library displays across the Travis Perkins estate, Merit Display actively coordinated with the relevant brick manufacturers to create and supply all the brick samples that were to be exhibited.

This allowed us to successfully pre-assemble and deliver each display to branch fully complete with minimal disruption to trading.

The Result

Visually stunning and highly engaging, this bespoke selection of brick displays has proven a huge success for the client and a phased approach to installation across the breadth of the UK is in progress.

With successful social media campaigns promoting the installation of these brick boards in sites, the engagement and interaction from customers, both physically and online, with the products have elevated the Travis Perkins retail journey to new levels.

“Certainly. Merit delivered on their promises throughout the project and I always felt as though I was in good hands. They provided a comprehensive, professional and high-quality solution.”

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To achieve this for our clients we craft our solutions using a very simple, effective strategy to make your retail display successful.

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