Explore the Latest Trends in Exhibition Design

Lambourghini Exhibition Stand


We see stand spaces becoming less crowded with more focus on engagement and hospitality

It is essential to stay abreast of the latest trends in exhibiting to gain a competitive advantage. For example, it is already evident that the opportunity to network is becoming increasingly important and this is having an influence on the design and layout of exhibition stands.

With the ever-evolving online presence, most people who attend an exhibition already know a lot about exhibiting businesses.

Therefore, live demonstrations, training sessions, and the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals provide huge potential to add value; beyond the supply of basic information.

We also see stand spaces becoming less crowded with product and more focused on engagement and hospitality.

The entry of interactive gaming and other technologies will continue to develop and, one day in the more distant future, we may even see the creation of the first empty-space stand, using a virtual reality experience.

Technology holds the key

Technology is rapidly changing the approach to the design of exhibition stands.

No longer do you need to display every single message that you want to promote on the back wall of your stand.

You can replace this with a video wall that delivers 100 times the content in a more effective and eye-catching way.

Or how about leveraging an interactive iPad, where the user can act independently to discover information of interest?

As virtual reality develops, more space will be needed for these games and interaction.

Big brands are paving the way

As ever, big brands are the ones to watch in the exhibition industry, including the likes of Apple and Lamborghini.

These innovative super brands don’t just focus on the products and services they sell.

They’re all about creating a unique user experience – and this is reflected at their events.

Keep up by focusing on design

It’s still common for businesses to underestimate the importance of exhibition design, instead spending a larger proportion of their exhibition budget on purchasing stand spaces.

A big stand space isn’t necessarily always the best option for your exhibition presence or creating brand awareness – it can be more effective to occupy a smaller footprint and elevate your stand design and interactive elements for the same budget.

If your product is small, focus more on your graphics and visual impact, rather than product display – it’s this that draws passers-by, and not the glass showcases at the back of your stand.

*Header image by Norbert Aepli, Switzerland