Innovation in retail display stands

In the latest of the Merit video series, Andrew Thomas speaks about innovation in retail display …

Great customer experience

The creation of a great customer experience was one of the main objectives for Keycraft Global when showcasing their range of new brands and best-selling children’s products. To achieve maximum effectiveness, they chose to gain the advantages offered by Merit 360°.

Exhibitions – ROI challenge

Extensive research into the future of exhibiting revealed that 71% of respondents identified their biggest challenge to be how to measure ROI. Here, in the first of a series of videos, Andrew Thomas discusses the issue and a solution.

Fantastic quality stand

Merit gave us a lot of confidence from day one. Most important of all is the delivery of the final product. What we aspire to is a fantastic quality of stand – something that is engaging and open, and that nicely showcases the vehicles. I think Merit have done a great job.

Excellent service

We chose Merit for various reasons. We found that their customer service was excellent. The designs were fantastic and they were very passionate about what they really wanted from the display and worked with us all the way through.

Reliable and proactive

Merit have been extremely reliable, helpful and proactive. Although we have all been hard at work in the office, Merit have taken stress and strain off our shoulders. When it comes to stand build and the quality of graphics, Merit have provided fantastic service for us.

Creating a buzz

We went to Merit with a basic idea and, as we saw other stands and changed as a business, the stand changed with us. I’d recommend Merit to anyone. If they want a stand that’s really going to create impact and a bit of a buzz then they’re the people go with.

Boring? Not with Merit

With Merit, the experience of the design process was fantastic. When you work with a product that is block of concrete, it gets boring. But, when I saw the first draft of the display, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. Merit are always looking for what clients’ need.

Results are phenomenal

Merit knows how to carry the task with responsibility. They kept us up to date with an online project management system which made progress and process visible to us. The display matched our brand 100% and it was exactly as we wanted. The results we see are phenomenal.

Strong project management

We have used Merit on a number of occasions, including some fairly large conferences. We found them helpful in terms of their deliverance and quality of work. We looked at a number of providers before we choose Merit. Their project management skills are very strong and they know their market.

Brought vision to life

Merit were really brilliant with regards to bringing our vision to life. They were able to take the idea and the concept and implement it working under a very tight deadline. I found them to be incredibly professional and really innovative.

Focus on premium quality

We designed a stand for Peugeot focused on premium quality to represent the brand. The solution took the visitor on a journey through the exhibition stand while displaying the benefits and features of the Peugeot vehicles.