Elevating Tap Display Stands Case Study

The Project

STH Westco, a well renowned provider of plumbing, heating, and sanitary solutions, caters to merchants, plumbers, and heating installers, empowering them to deliver exceptional service on every project.
Comprising the renowned Westco and Francis Bathroom & Kitchen brands, STH Westco is dedicated to offering efficient, water-saving, and energy-efficient solutions without compromising user comfort.

The Brief

When STH Westco envisioned a captivating new display for their extensive range of kitchen and bathroom taps in market leading retailer Selco, they needed a partner who could translate their vision into reality. Merit Display, renowned for our creative prowess and ingenuity, gladly stepped up to the challenge.
The task was clear: design, manufacture, and install multi-tiered tap display stands that would fit into current Selco stores and give the brand a visible edge against their competition. With the aim to showcase STH Westco’s market-leading plumbing, heating, and sanitary solutions, the displays had to exude elegance, functionality, and brand identity.

The Solution

After a successful briefing period, Merit Display were able to bring together the brief to provide an agreed solution. To ensure a seamless shopping experience, three distinct options were required to fulfil the brief: one display stand dedicated to kitchen taps, another for bathroom taps, and a versatile solution that elegantly displayed both kitchen and bathroom taps.

The key design features were carefully chosen to strike a harmonious balance between practicality and visual allure. Each display stand was designed to a precise width and depth to nestle snugly on the current in-store racking shelves, complementing the store layout but still standing out against the competition and surroundings.

The unique tiered design allowed for the available space to be maximised and was strategically crafted to ensure that every tap, from sleek kitchen models to exquisite bathroom faucets, were visible and accessible within the display. At a single glance, customers could explore the entire range, their curiosity ignited by the well-organised and visually appealing displays.

Versatility and adaptability were central to the design concept. The tap display stands were ingeniously designed to be modular, composed of individual units bolted together to form the final in-store display. This feature meant that the displays could easily be customised to fit the specific needs of each store and adapt to changing requirements over time.

To further enhance the flexibility and longevity of the display, slotted holes provided flexible options for quick changes to the products on show. This meticulous attention to detail ensured that the displays were not just initially eye-catching but could easily to refreshed to retain interest over time and allow for new innovative products to take centre stage when required.

Adding to the flexibility and innovative nature of this display, individual magnetic graphics were placed behind each tap to deliver key product information and pricing. This ingenious feature allowed easy replacement of graphics if a tap model changed, or a display refresh was required, minimising downtime, and ensuring the visuals remained fresh and relevant with each product update.

A large header graphic provided ample space for core branding, reinforcing STH Westco’s identity and creating a memorable impression on customers. The high-definition printed branding acts as a beacon, attracting attention from across the store and guiding customers to explore the world of STH Westco’s premium taps.

The Result

Merit Display’s online fulfilment hub has proved an invaluable tool for the clients, providing visibility and updates at every step of the way. With real-time access, it provided a single source of truth for all project data, granting Westco real-time visibility of the project’s progress at any point in time. Automatic updates and notifications at key stages streamlined the process, with access to completed install photos and POD’s from around the country at the client’s fingertips.


In a world where first impressions matter, STH Westco found a partner in Merit Display that not only understood their vision but also had the expertise to transform it into a reality that would resonate with customers and elevate their brand to new heights.

Providing a solution that not only continues to catch the eye of the consumer over several years, the dedication and ongoing support from Merit Display team has proved flexible enough to quickly react to brand updates with minimal disruption.

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