Dorel/Maxi-Cosi Case Study

A fully customisable modular display unit

The Project

Established in 1962, Dorel is a global leader in the manufacturer and supply of home and juvenile products. The Dorel juvenile range is synonymous with safety, comfort, innovation, and fun, with well-recognised brands Maxi-Cosi, Quinny and Tiny Love, supported by regional brands such as Safety 1st, Bébé Confort, Cosco and Infanti.

The Brief

Dorel approached Merit Display when they identified a need to display their ranges of iso-fix Maxi-Cosi baby car seats that would not only attract attention, but also allow each retailer to customise their display to the ranges they stock. Maxi Cosi safe and comfortable car seats and strollers offer new parents a carry solution that covers that important first ride home from the hospital through to strolling together in the park, and every moment in between.

As an essential purchase for each new parent looking to transport their child in a car, communicating quality, safety and comfort was a key consideration of the project, as well as ensuring the display allowed for tactile shoppers to interact with the products prior to purchase.

It was also essential that the branding was clear and highly visual. As a market leader, the build quality of the display and the Maxi-Cosi branding needed to accurately reflect the company and the product range and ensure consumers were able to trust in the attention to detail of both the display and the products on offer.

This challenge required a level of collective design work with the client regarding their design needs and the specifications required to display multiple products, along with expert technical design, and cutting-edge manufacturing; areas Merit Display are known to deliver.

The Solution

Following a successful briefing period, Merit Display were able to design a highly creative modular display unit that consisted of multiple configuration options that could be easily constructed, deconstructed and modified within the retailer’s showrooms.

The final design solution consisted of several display box variations that were individually created to hold different product types and designed to be configured together to form a seamless complete display unit.

Centrally located, the largest of the display boxes were crafted with an angled shelving system that would display 2 Maxi-Cosi iso-fix bases. A unique sliding shelf system allows customers to not only visually understand the product, but physically interact with each iso-fix base individually. This not only gives parents peace of mind about the product construction, but it also provides crucial visual information about the installation and safety credentials of the iso-fix bases that new parents require prior to purchase.

Complementary display boxes were designed to surround these central units, allowing parents to identify which of the several Maxi-Cosi seating solutions that they would like to combine with their chosen iso-fix base. Each of these units was individually designed to house a particular seating size, providing a visual consistency and an attention to detail that the brand wanted to relay.

To ensure the Maxi-Cosi brand was highly visible and stood out amongst the often-crowded retailers, the lower section of each unit was made up of a selection of sturdy rectangular base units that provided an ideal space for branding.

Two individually design units, one with the Maxi-Cosi logo and a second with a high-resolution brand text- “we carry the future”, allows for the base to be constructed with these 2 sections joined consecutively to form any length of display unit without impacting the visual appeal. These base units could also be utilised within the main modular construction to add extra visual appeal and unique sizes and shapes to each unit.

The colour matching of these to the brand colour palette was a particular focus, ensuring maximum visual contrast and continuity with the Maxi-Cosi branded items within the display.

For added visual interest and high-quality finish, each display box unit was backed with the blue graphic Maxi-Cosi image that mimicked the base units.

Finally, as highly tactile display that promoted interaction from the consumer, it was important that each unit was long-lasting and remained high-quality for the foreseeable future. A clear plastic cover panel was used to protect the base within each individual unit, protecting both the base and front edge of the display from impact damage whilst incorporating a data strip for pricing labels.

The Result

The flexibility and design capabilities of this modular retail display allowed each individual retailer to create their ideal display size and shape, as well as the ability to quickly and easily refresh displays when needed to maintain consumer interest.

The final modular design not only gives visual flexibility to the display, but it also provides a harmonious buying experience with the Maxi-Cosi ranges, with parents able to pick and choose from several base and car set combinations to find the one that perfectly suit their needs.

To support the installation of these unique retail units, Merit Display were able to provide Dorel with a bespoke online configuration tool that gave their sales and marketing teams the ability to design and order the correct modular units to produce the perfect retail display for their space.

Initially provided to key retailers across the UK, these innovative retail displays have now been successfully designed, supplied, and installed by Merit Display in over 80 retailers around the country.

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