Onduline Case Study

A joint dedication to sustainable manufacturing

As the undisputable leader in the manufacturing of lightweight, waterproof roofing sheets, Onduline have been designing innovative roofing and waterproof solutions for almost 80 years.

The Project

Manufacturing more than 95% of the world’s production of bitumen sheets, Onduline have been leading the way in the design, manufacture and installation of lightweight roofing sheets made of recycled fibres and bitumen for pitched roofs since its inception in 1944.

Operating in more than 100 countries worldwide and offering high-performance aesthetic waterproofing solutions to their customers, Onduline’s product range includes cladding systems for roofing and under roofing, roof lighting and complete waterproofing.

Now a part of the Ondura Group, an international group focussed on waterproofing solutions for buildings that protect people and their belongings from the elements, the business operates in 29 different countries around the globe, providing “protection above all” to the construction industry, as well as individual projects and DIY enthusiasts.

The Brief

Onduline approached Merit Display when looking for a UK partner to manufacture and showcase their range of roofing sheet products within retail showrooms and suppliers around the country.

As a multi-national company, Onduline already had several existing display solutions that were successfully used internationally, but required a UK partner to manufacture high-quality retail displays with the capacity to distribute quickly and cost effectively throughout the UK

With a wide range of roofing solutions to be displayed, dependent on the range being stocked by the retailer, the stand design needed to be versatile enough to display various interchangeable product ranges, while simultaneously communicating the quality and effectiveness of the solutions to the consumer

This challenge required a commitment to quality and detail, along with technical design skills, strategic expertise, and innovative manufacturing; areas Merit Display are known to deliver.

The Solution

Following a period of collaboration with the Onduline team several design solutions were drafted and proposed. A final design solution was agreed, and Merit Display forged ahead with the construction of a retail display solution that would exceed their brief and deliver on the key areas needed to engage consumers within retail spaces.

The creative multi-shelf unit created combined a selection of 4 sloping shelf spaces that would securely hold various sheet products. Each shelving unit is designed to imitate the roof pitch of the final installed product, allowing consumers to visually appreciate the Onduline products in situ. It was equally as important that the consumers were able to see the edge of the products, an area that is aesthetically and practically important to the final installation. To achieve this, each of the tiered shelving spaces were ‘stepped’ from their above counterpart, not only giving the visual representation of traditional roofing tiles, but also allowing the end use to quickly compare and contrast the solutions when choosing which product range best suits their project.

With a commitment to quality, it was important for the client that the products are displayed in a way that would promote interaction. The slope of the shelf had to not only allow consumers to visualise the product in use, but it is also designed to engage customers, providing a tactile way to demonstrate the quality and lightweight nature of the solutions.

Designed with a full colour panel top and bottom panel that draws the eye of the user with a combination of photographic visuals, vivid brand colours and high-resolution text, the final unit design also consisted of a precision cut, tiered side panel that would provide stability and additional advertising space for the display.

Complementing the advertising spaces, each shelving space is designed to balance the final design and offer additional space for the consumer to discover more about the brand and product ranges through the strategic placement of unique QR codes within each space.

In a show of corresponding brand values, each unit is emblazoned with an eye-level graphic representing the commitment of both Merit Display and Onduline to the use of recycled, and recyclable, materials. With a statement of intent that demonstrates both company’s dedication to sustainable manufacturing, the following statement is prominently printed on the side panel of each completed unit. “Just like our bitumen roofing sheets and tiles, this stand is made from recycled materials. 100% recyclable at the end of its life!”

The Result

Merit Display was able to design a clean, high-definition and full colour display unit that communicates the marketing message and USP’s of the Onduline brand, alongside several interchangeable product ranges dependant on the retailer’s stock.

Combining high resolution printing and exceptional technical design expertise, the new Onduline display combines the visual presentation of the product alongside the brand USPs and tactile functionality that the customer in this market requires to feel confident in making a purchase.

The sturdy design of the display crafted using out unique MerFlex material that is constructed from 80% recycled material and is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan. The final completed retail display is lightweight, durable, and impeccably designed to promote interaction and withstand the challenges of a high footfall retail environment.

Delivered fully constructed to branches around the UK, these retail units are easy to install and give retailers the option to interchange products dependent on stock levels and availability. Initially providing a trial batch to three key retailers, these displays have now been repeat ordered and are in the process of being rolled out to multiple locations around the UK.

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More about MerFlex

This innovative, sustainable material offers the qualities of rigid and foamed PVC together. It combines the surface quality and characteristics of rigid PVC with a reduced weight due to a recycled foamed PVC core. It can be used in harsh chemical environments due to its high chemical resistance.

  • Flat, bright white surface for UV direct print application
  • Recycled lightweight core constitutes 80% of product weight
  • Scratch resistant surface even once printed with UV print
  • High structural strength with a relatively low overall weight
  • Stronger and more rigid than similar materials
  • Displays created by different fabrication and thermoform methods
  • Suitable for exterior applications
  • ‘Zero Waste’ with any waste/offcuts being recycled back into new material

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To achieve this for our clients we craft our solutions using a very simple, effective strategy to make your retail display successful.

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