Exhibition Stands and VR

Virtual Reality experience of your stand

Your VR Exhibition Stand

You can immerse yourself in your exhibition stand with our cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) technology before it is built.

As you explore your VR stand, you can experience what it will be like for a visitor and choose any modifications during the design stages.

Bringing your visuals to life

You no longer have to imagine what your exhibition stand will look and feel like when it is full size.

Using our cutting edge VR technology and design software, you walk through the stand, view the sight lines, and can examine the finer details.

There is no better way to bring your visuals to life and have the opportunity to make the best decisions on any pre-build improvements.

Unique VR service

Your exhibition stand dreams can be a reality with our unique virtual reality service.

  • You meet our team to discuss your exhibition objectives.
  • Our creative experts brainstorm your stand design.
  • We create a mock-up of your proposed stand design.
  • You visit our offices to “walk around” your stand design using our virtual reality technology.
  • You experience your stand design and request any revisions before it is built.
  • We record your feedback and make all the amends.
  • You review the final design and sign it off.
  • When the show starts, you know exactly what to expect.

VR and customer engagement

Customer engagement is a key element of success when exhibiting. And virtual reality (VR) can be one of your main stand attractions.

We can provide you with the expertise, support, and technology required to give your stand visitors a fully immersive experience. Examples include:

  • Virtual experience of your products or services.
  • A visual continuation of your stand’s main theme.
  • Transporting your visitors to your business premises.
  • A journey that features prospects’ problems and provides your solutions.
  • Presentation of products too large to be used on the stand.

Also, one of the key benefits is that VR will help you significantly expand the physical space available on your stand.

Make the most of the opportunity

If you use VR effectively on your exhibition stand, it’s likely to be a draw a crowd. To make the most of the opportunity with your “captive audience”:

  • Request participants’ details before they begin the experience (eg by scanning their badge).
  • Have enough knowledgeable staff available to converse with anyone queuing.
  • Ensure the VR system is easy to use with simple controls.
  • Allow enough space or provide the most suitable seating to enhance the experience.

“Merit were really brilliant with regards to bringing our vision to life; to display our range and products in a unique way.”

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Case Study – 5 star experience for VIP guests

As the hosts of the exhibition, CEF needed to set the right tone with their stand – so we ensured they did just that! Starting with planning an effective layout, we created an exhibition display stand strategy that would offer a range of spaces for different types of visitors.

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